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 An expression of rebellion

Opposites not only attract, they create an unpredictable dynamic. The contrast between form and function, formal evening wear and functional sportswear, rigid and dynamic, is played with in this collection, which shows in its origins influences of motor racing, boxing and tennis. Contrary to this, formal garments have been deconstructed and the individual elements reintegrated in a harmonious way.

Graffiti runs throughout the collection as an important stylistic device. We made a conscious decision to integrate this art form – a form of statement of the street and creative answer to concrete gray cities. It loudly propagates the concept of (artistic) freedom. An expression of rebellion against the elitist mainstream and the ordinary.

collection ghetto couture

cropped racing suit jacket

The key piece of the collection. The dynamic cut is inspired by the racing suits of Formula 1. The pleats and the asymmetrical cropping, which rises sharply towards the back, reflect the aerodynamics of the racing cars. Instead of the usual fireproof fabric, a fine, elegantly shimmering jacquard was chosen, providing an exciting contrast to the sporty lines. Almost sarcastically, this detail plays with the original aspect of functionality, which is completely invalidated by the unexpected, unusual choice of fabric.

The collection was presented to the public for the first time at the Kulturforum Berlin as part of the “Take Off Take Over” runway show.


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jacket ghetto couture
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